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It's that time again, school begins shortly for many kids. Even though it is still July.... August is right around the corner and are your kids prepared for the challanges ahead? FOCUS, CONCENTRATION, DISCIPLINE AND RESPECT all are great TOOLS for kids to get better grades and prepare themselves for a bright future. Childrens Martial Arts provides kids with these TOOLS so they can become better citizens and achieve more. BULLY'S FACT: Suicide, depression, isolation, bad grades, acting out all are signs of being bullied. Is your child being bullied? Kung Fu provides the tools kids need to combat bullying. CONFIDENCE, SELF ESTEEM and SELF DEFENSE are what children achieve in Kung Fu to help prevent bullying before it even happens. Call one of our 5 locations: Garfield Heights 440.585.4900 / Shaker Heights 216.991.1200 / Medina 330.576.6352 / Clevelad East 216.431.4991 / Cleveland West 216.351.3222 / Willoughby Hills 440.585.4900 or Click here Fill out the contact info and Submit me an email with your questions.


Get in Shape

Learn Self Defense

Are you bored with your regular work out program? Why not try our Womans Self Defense program, it's a great way to stay in shape, build confidence and learn self defense skills all at the same time! Contact one of our 6 locations to see if we can help you obtain your goals. We have schools in Shaker Heights, Medina, Garfield Heights, Willoughby Hills, Cleveland East and Cleveland West. Click here to get started right now.




We now have a Facebook page. For those who follow facebook, you can join us on the Internet to get up to date news and information everyday. Click here To follow us on facebook.

And for you Youtube fans Sifu Gino has a youtube site set up for those interested in videos. Sifu Gino's Youtube page is available with some of his Angry Monkey style videos posted. Keep checking daily, I will be posting videos as I get them edited and ready to view. Right now you can see a clip of upcoming Angry Monkey weapons and also Angry Monkey Hand forms. Click here To check out our YouTube site.

Sifu Gino

Photograph: Angry Monkey Fist DVD

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