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Northern Shaolin

The Northern Shaolin system of self defense has its roots deeply woven into the fabric of time. In Chinese history, records of a wrestling style can be traced back to 2697 BC. When iron was first developed in around 1000 BC, archery, horsemanship, swordsmanship and Shuai-Chiao (a type of wrestling) were required for all military personnel.
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Southern Hung Gar

Created during a time of turmoil and strife, Hung Gar Kung Fu was a bright star for the oppressed people of southern China. In the Ching dynasty (1644-1911), the Manchurian government was hated by the populous. Many secret societies of rebels emerged to combat the Manchurian rule. One of which was Hung gar clan.
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Yang Tai Chi

Literally translated as “Grand Ultimate Fist”, Taiji Chuan (also spelled Tai Chi Chuan), is considered one of the soft or internal arts. Combining meditation, Chi Kung (breathing exercises) and fighting techniques, Taiji is the ultimate in self defense.
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In the beginning of evolution, mankind was very animalistic. Survival only for the strong. Man had to survive hunger, natures elements, animal as well as human attacks. Self preservation became a way of life. Most people watched animals and tried to copy their survival techniques. Early man was very ritualistic, chanting and dancing around the campfire. Ritual and self defense combined in a dance, copying the moves of their ancient sacred animals. These movements eventually evolved into a style of self defense.
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Angry Monkey

From the beginning of time, man has tried to copy the survival techniques of animals. Early man sought to mimic the movements of various animals, increasing the chance that their species would endure. As man developed, self defense and fighting skills were required to stay alive. In China, animal styles of self defense evolved over time.
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Sun Lu Tang Tai Chi

Sun style Taijiquan was developed by the famous martial artist Sun Lu Tang (1861-1932). Sun style Taijiquan is the most recently developed of the five major styles which were taught when Taijiquan was first made public. His great reputation as a martial artist made Sun a sought after master but Sun never taught his art to promote violence, he taught it to promote peace and good health. His daughter, Sun Jian Yun, continues to teach the style and through the liberalization of China, Sun Jian Yun, his daughter, has been able to meet with foreign enthusiasts adding new impetus to the promotion of the style. Sun Taijiquan stylists from China are also beginning to make their presence felt throughout the world. Both bringing the precious treasure of the life work of Sun Lu Tang and the spirit which he taught and lived to all.
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7 Star Praying Mantis

Three hundred and fifty years ago, Wong Long, the founder of the northern praying mantis style of kung fu , decided after learning the shaolin fighting system that he needed to make improvements. Wong, who was opposed to the Manchurian takeover of China, had joined the shaolin temple in Hanon province to learn kung fu in order to become a skilled fighter. He felt that mastering the renowned fighting ability of the shaolin monks would allow him to become an officer in the rebel army fighting the Manchurians. Unknowingly, he was to begin a process for generations of eclectic thought.
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