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Adilah Anwar

I have known Sifu Gino Belfiore for over 15 years. He is an excellent Instrutor. In Fact, as a teenager I trained under him he was an great role-model and is dedicated to the teaching and advancement of young individuals and adults. One thing about Sifu Gino Belfiore is that he will never give up on you as long as you try. He is extremely passionate about Kung fu and anyone who loves and lives the art of Kung fu personally, publicly and professionally; has earned the right to assist others in personal fitness and selfdefense goals. Adilah Anwar Dallas, Tx.

Laura Tomco

I didn't start at a traditional age and some would feel really out of place except for the way Sifu makes you feel--everyone is accepted by him if they are respectful and are interested in learning. He doesn't show favoritism to gender, skill level, age or any other kind of bias you can find in other schools. I especially like the way he teaches the younger students because he is so careful to truly be a role model for them. Another thing that I marvel at is his knowledge and expertise. I have studied him going from student to student and immediately assist in their practicing their form and without missing a beat demonstrating each--the memory of his discipline is truly impressive. This is his life's work and passion and it shows. Laura Tomco, Concord, Ohio

Kathy Merhulik

Sifu Gino, Thank you for your instruction and encouragement. You have been an intregal force in the martial arts community and have many followers. I do plan on returning, so don't give up on me! Kathy Merhulik Euclid, Ohio

Tim Bowman

My son Alex has been one of Sifu Gino Belfiore's students for several years now. Alex has always been interested in martial arts and we tried a few other schools before we started Alex at the Shaolin Kung Fu Institute. Alex has had so many great opportunities since he started at the school. He's progressed through the rank levels, has participated in tournaments and joined the demo team. Sifu Gino is a fun and energetic instructor. He has a lot of patience and relates well with all ages of students. At the same time he stresses the importance of discipline and respect. Tim Bowman Euclid, Ohio

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