Children Kung Fu:  Our program is designed to provide a safe, caring and educational environment to support children’s personal growth and development.  Additionally, we are dedicated to teaching the physical skills necessary to help children learn to protect themselves.

Adult Kung Fu:  Our adult program is designed to teach skills needed to protect oneself, get in shape, improve coordination, relieve stress and become healthier- mentally and physically. 

Tai Chi:  An internal style using slow, gliding movements. Students’ learn body alignment and posture while learning skills needed to improve balance and coordination for fall prevention and coordinated movements to increase flexibility, which improves circulation to enhance healing.

Shuai-Chiao:  Our program teaches the ancient wrestling style that utilizes strike, disruptive hand techniques, kicks and joint locks in the context of takedown throws.  Learn how to gain dominance and fight efficient in close quarters.

San Shou:  Chinese San Shou or free fighting is a modern hand to hand self defense and combat sport.  San Shou includes punches, kicks and throws.  Emphasis is placed on real world fighting ability as a way of practicing kung fu theory, application and training methods.