Simo Ervin

Simo Ervin began training in May 1991 and is a Certified Senior Instructor.

She has been teaching and competing for over 25 years. She has competed locally, nationally, and internationally winning numerous grand champion (forms, weapons & sparring) awards. In 1998, she was the only female member of the United States Shuai-chiao (Chinese wrestling) Team U.S.A. which competed at The Mayor’s Cup in Paris, France, winning the silver medal in her weight division. In 2015, she came out of retirement to make the United States Shuai-chiao Team U.S.A. placing 6th in Wenzhou, China.
In addition to teaching scheduled classes, she teaches workshops/seminars for children and adults.

As part of our community outreach; she teaches various seminars throughout the year for children at area schools and daycares covering topics: Focus, Concentration, Respect, Self Control, Self Confidence, Awareness Training, and Anti-Bully workshops. Additionally, for adults, she teaches various Self Defense seminars, these are adaptable for specific audiences (i.e. realtors, teachers, safety personnel, etc.) on and offsite.